Generate API keys

This article provides information on how to get the API keys that you need to integrate Blueshift's platform with your site or app.

Blueshift supports multiple ways of sending customer & event data, including a 1-click integration with Segment, Tealium, and mParticle. However, you can use the API to integrate our platform with your site or app and perform multiple actions such as creating and running campaigns, adding customers of your app to Blueshift, creating templates, and create catalogs. The API is based on REST/JSON and authenticated with your API key. You can use this API to send interaction-stream (events), customer information, or your item catalog.

Obtain the API keys

You can obtain the following API keys, based on your role, from the API keys tab of your Account Settings in the Blueshift app.

  • Event API key (EVENT_API_KEY)
  • Users API key (USER_API_KEY). The user api keys are visible only to admin users.
  • S3 folder access key

To learn more about and try the API endpoints to get a better sense of how it works, we suggest that you try our API reference documentation. There, you can get code samples that are automatically generated based on your inputs and an option to try the endpoints.