API Errors

Common API error codes

This article describes common error codes in API responses. In addition to these error codes, the response payloads includes more details about processing. Please refer to the individual API call for specific responses.

The first digit of the server status code defines the class of response.

The 2XX class of status code (non-fatal) indicates that your request was successfully received, understood, and accepted.
The 4XX class of status code (fatal) indicates a client error. 
The 5XX class of status code (fatal) indicates a server error.For 5XX class errors, please reach out to Blueshift support.
Error codeDescription
200OK - API call completed successfully.
400Bad Request - The request was invalid or cannot be otherwise served. An accompanying error message will explain further.
413Payload too large
422Unprocessable Entity - Some portion of payload had invalid data
429Rate limit exceeded
500Internal server error - File a ticket with [email protected] for technical help
502Service unavailable, please retry - Bad Gateway
504Service unavailable, please retry - Gateway Timeout