Create a catalog

Create a catalog in Blueshift.

API at a glance

Here's a quick summary of the API request and response payloads. You can use your API key to try it out on your instance.

Request Parameters

  "catalog": {
    "name": {
      "description": "Specify a name for the catalog that you want to create. Ensure that the value provided in this field is unique.",
      "type": "string",
      "required": true


  "catalog_uuid": {
    "description": "The UUID of the catalog that got created.",
    "example": "231234asdfj-asdfkj-1234asdf-1234jklhdfs12",
    "type": "string"

Try it out

  1. Add the User API key as the Username and leave the Password field blank.
  2. Click the Base URL dropdown and select the API endpoint URL for your Blueshift region.
  3. Click Try It.

You can also try the API using Blueshift's API collection in Postman.

Click Try It! to start a request and see the response here!