Merge customers

Use this endpoint to programmatically merge two duplicate customers, effectively unifying them as one.

You can use this API to complete the following actions:

  • Merge 2 customers with different customer_ids
  • Update the customer_id of an existing customer in Blueshift
email or customer_id or bothPrevious/current unique identifier for the customer in Blueshift.
bsft_new_customer_idThe customer_id of the target customer.
  • If no customers are present in our platform with either a combination of email/customer_id or bsft_new_customer_id, a new customer is created with bsft_new_customer_id.
  • If both customers exist, the profile data of the old customers will get merged to the new customer (bsft_new_customer_id).
  • If there are multiple customer profile matches, for example if you provide an email and there are multiple customers associated with that email, only the most recent customer profile is updated. In such cases, if you have multiple profiles for an email address, we recommend you to use the customer_id instead of email.
  • If a customer exists with an email/customer_id, but no customer exists with bsft_new_customer_id, the customer_id of the existing customer is updated to bsft_new_customer_id.

The Merge customers endpoint is throttled at 1500 calls/minute. Reach out to [email protected] if you want to increase the rate limits or if you have any questions.

Try it out

  1. Add the User API key as the Username and leave the Password field blank.
  2. Click the Base URL dropdown and select the API endpoint URL for your Blueshift region.
  3. Click Try It.

You can also try the API using Blueshift's API collection in Postman.

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