This article provides an introduction to our API endpoints and how to use them.

Welcome to the API endpoints section of the Blueshift developer portal. The endpoints to the REST APIs of our platform are probably the most flexible methods to integrate your site with our platform and send data to it.

When you integrate your site with our platform, you:

  • integrate user data
  • send us events (customer interactions)
  • integrate your products and catalogs
  • run campaigns on various messaging channels, including email, SMS, mobile push notifications, IVR and more
  • fetch live-content for personalizing your website or mobile application

You can use the API endpoints that we provide here to get the integration going and start feeding our platform with data from your site. With a robust integration of your site with our platform, you can run 1:1 customized campaigns for your site's users to optimize their engagement.

If you are here for the first time, we suggest that you try out the API endpoints here itself to get a hang of how it works. We provide steps on how to use the endpoint in its description.


While you're here

We also have SDKs that you can make use of, to integrate your Android and iOS apps with our platform. While API endpoints are awesome and feature rich, you can also use the SDKs to ease the integration of your apps. For more information, see: