Use this endpoint to render an email template that you create using our email template editor. With this endpoint, you have the ability to author your email templates in Blueshift but handle the delivery yourself. This feature is applicable only if you do not want Blueshift to execute the campaign for you. This feature is disabled by default. To enable this functionality, talk to your Blueshift account administrator. To try this endpoint:

  1. Get the User API Key from the API Keys tab of your Account Settings in the Blueshift app.

  2. Paste the API key in the username field for Authentication. Leave the password field blank.

  3. Click the Base URL dropdown and select the API endpoint URL for your Blueshift region. For EU region select and for the Rest of the world select

  4. Specify the values of the API call using the fields provided below. Ensure that you specify values for the required fields.

  5. Click Try It.

If you get 422 in the response when you Use this endpoint, here's what the error codes in the response mean and how you can troubleshoot it:

  • 109/110: Internal connection error. You should retry your request with exponential back-off.

  • 115: There was an error rendering the template. Usually this occurs when the template has invalid Liquid syntax.

  • 156: The template was using external fetch. Remove external fetch from the template before retrying your request.

  • 160: The template with the specified `template_uuid` was not found. Double check the uuid you are sending in your request.

  • 161: The template was using recommendations. Remove recommendations from the template before retrying your request.

Click Try It! to start a request and see the response here!